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AL-KO stands for garden tools engineered in Germany. Close to Günzburg on the boundary between Bavaria and Swabia, we have been designing and developing garden tools for more than 40 years now – tools which combine innovative spirit, the highest quality and cutting-edge technology. Always on the search for the optimum, always aiming to shape the future.
AL-KO Drain 7500 Classic water pump
The Alko Drain 7500 Classic water pump is robust, powerful and handy. Particularly useful for removing heavily contaminated liquids, for example, after excessive flooding, from contaminated ponds, tanks or at flooded construction sites. As dirt particles need to be removed in addition to water, there is a significantly increased load on the material and engine performance.
The Drain 7500 can easily handle this due to the advanced vortex impeller technology, which also manages highly contaminated water with up to 5 percent of hover particles and grain sizes up to 30mm without problems.
Due to its large suction opening, the Drain 7500 Classic also pumps contaminated water with particles up to 30 mm in suspension, effortlessly and smoothly.
A maintenance free motor, specially treated motor shaft made from Inox stainless steel and the fibreglass reinforced polypropylene housing are features which guarantee a long service life in the AL-KO Drain 7500 Classic water pump.
AL-KO wastewater pumps are equipped complete with a freely swiveling 90° angle connection to prevent unwanted kinking of the pump hose. The included combination adapter is suitable for different hose sizes.
The Drain 7500 Classic model pumps up to 7,500 l/h with a maximum head of 6 metres, regardless of whether clean or dirty water is involved.
* Automatic shut-off with float switch
* Guaranteed flow with vortex impeller geometry
* Add a 1500Watt generator for portability.

Power 450 watts
Cable Length10m
Maximum Feed Temperature 35°C
Maximum Flow Rate 7500 l/h
Maximum Lift/Head 6m
Maximum Particle Size 30mm
Maximum Submersible Depth 5m
Pump Output DiameterG 1 1/4" (41.9 mm)
Product Dimensions (W x H x L)152mm x 308mm x 213mm
Immediate availability
$ 199.00
AL-KO HW 3500 Classic household water pump
The HW 3500 Classic water pump is designed for private use in the house and garden and is suitable exclusively for the pumping of clear water and rainwater.
The Alko HW 3500 Classic water pump is equipped with a powerful 850W 240v motor and the single stage pump provides a maximum head of 38 metres and a flow rate up to 3400 litres an hour.
*Particularly easy to install
*Reliable, quiet operation
*Solid and durable construction
*8m maximum suction height
*Large integrated water tank
*Protection from dry running
The HW 3500 Classic water pump is suitable for water supply in the house, watering the garden and premises and for increasing the pressure of water in a water supply system.
The HW 3500 Classic water pump is not suitable for pumping salt water, water containing sand and waste water with textile and paper content. The pump is also not suitable for pumping fluids above 35°C and any aggressive, corrosive, explosive or fuming chemicals or liquids.
Power 850 watts
Cable Length1.5m
Maximum Feed Temperature 35°C
Maximum Flow Rate 3400 l/h
Maximum Head/Pressure 38m / 3.8 bar
Maximum Lift/Head 38m
Maximum Suction Height 8m
Pressure Tank Capacity17l
Pump Hydraulics 1-stageSuction/
Pressure Hose DiameterG 1" (33.3 mm).
Switch On/Off Pressure1.5 bar / 2.8 bar
Product Dimensions (W x H x L)`
Immediate availability
$ 459.00
AL-KO 14000 BMP 1.6HP petrol water pump
Weighing in at just 13 kg, the German Engineered ALKO 14000 BMP 1.6HP petrol water pump is the perfect pump to transport water to where you need it most.

Powerful and portable - Whether watering the allotment or pumping out remote water reservoirs - the self priming, petrol driven pumps from AL-KO are always ready for action, even where there is no electrical power supply. The vacuum mechanism with filter cage not only protects the pump mechanism, it also enables rapid commissioning with no tiresome hunt for accessories.
The easy-to-start AL-KO 4 stroke engine with overhead valve (OHV) is extremely efficient. It is both powerful and economical on fuel.
High flow rates up to 14,000 l/h
Connector and filter cage included
Highly portable thanks to the carrying handle
Compact and robust, guaranteed powerful feed pressure at maximum output
2 Year Warranty

Engine Loncin 97ccEngine 4 Stroke1.2 kW (1.6HP) / 3600 rpm
Maximum Feed Temperature35°C
Maximum Flow Rate14,000 l/h
Maximum Lift/Head36m
Maximum Suction Height6m
Pump Input DiameterG 1"Pump Output DiameterG 1"
Fuel Tank Capacity1.4l
Product Dimensions (W x H x L)280mm x 375mm x 385mm
Immediate availability
$ 449.00(VAT incl.)
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